We. Empower. Sleep Dentists.

Restfull + Billing Intelligence makes treating sleep-and getting paid-easy with our revolutionary all-in-one platform.

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The ONLY sleep software you need.

Whether you are new to treating sleep or have treated sleep patients for years, Restfull is built to help you treat more patients the right way and get paid.

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Billing Intelligence

Billing Intelligence is a comprehensive credentialing, training, and support module that empowers your billing. Eligibility checks, pre-auths, and claims become easy and fast! 

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Patient EHR & CRM

Manage your patients, organize your documents, and follow the required protocols to ensure you treat patients the right way. The patient portal allows for telemedicine, payments, and easy appointment scheduling.

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Referral Management

Build your referral network and track how each referral delivers patients. Automated SOAP notes, letters of medical necessity, and two-way faxing make collaboration with other doctors seamless.